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Passwordless authentication for WordPress. It’s simple, quick and highly secure - like magic!

Magic Password App
Forget your password, forget your username. All you need is a phone! Just scan the Magic Code paired with your mobile app and log in securely.

Install Magic Password plugin to your WordPress account

Pair device
Pair device

Use Magic Password app to pair your WordPress account with your smartphone

Log in with magic
Log in with magic

Now you can forget your password and use the app to authenticate securely

How Magic Password protects your WordPress account?

Brute-force attacks

Is there no password? So, there is no way of it being detected by a hacker! As simple as that. By eliminating the password and login, you eradicate the risk of one of the most common attacks.

Phishing & keylogger attacks

“123456”… Sounds familiar? Many people use the same password or a similar password for many online services. If you replicate this pattern, you are vulnerable to a hacker attack.

WordPress website takeover

Magic Code is a temporarily generated signature, valid only with your unique configuration. It is not stored anywhere and does not require a database of personal identifying information. This eliminates the chance of a database breach.

Magic Password replaces your password with Magic Code paired with your mobile app. Just scan the Magic Code and log in securely. No more passwords.

Our Magic Products

WP Plugin
WordPress plugin

Magic Password plugin for WordPress works like magic! You don’t need to use your username and password to get authentication to your account. Just install the plugin and use Magic Code scanner provided with Magic Password mobile app. That’s all!

Magic Password App
Magic Password App

Beautifully crafted, intuitive and powerful! Magic Password app allows you to scan Magic Code and log in securely to your WordPress account. It works on Android and iOS platform.

Tip 1

Point your camera at the Magic Code

Tip 2

You are logged in by magic

Tip 3

There is no third step. As simple as that!