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How it works

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No need to remember login or password

Magic Password replaces yourpassword with Magic Code pairedwith your mobile app

Mobile device is all you need to get fullysecure access to your account

Install Magic Password plugin to youraccount, scan the Magic Code paired withyour mobile app & log in securely

Why ispasswordlessauthenticationso safe?

No password, no problem

You don’t use login or password so your account is better protected against unwanted guests.

No brute-force attacks

Hackers are creative in their actions, but you don’t let them take any as you don’t have login or password.

Easy to use

You no longer need to remember login or password. Magic Password plugin and mobile device are enough.

No phishing & keylogger attacks

If you were using the same passwords for many services, your data could be stolen. Thanks to Magic Password it’s over.

Better user experience

If there are a few people to access your account, it would be easier to use passwordless authentication to minimize risk and increase both: safety and comfort.

No website takeover

Your website is now also protected against takeover. Magic Code is a temporarily generated signature, valid only with your unique configuration. It is not stored anywhere and does not require a database of personal identifying information.

Unique features

Multiple userson 1 platform

Log in withany mobile device

Works on iOSand Android

No passwords storedin cloud or in app

Login token changesevery 30 seconds

Possibility to authorizeTouch ID / Finger ID

Magic Password products

WP Plugin 1
WP Plugin 2

WordPress Plugin

You don’t need to use your username and password to get authentication to your account. Just install the plugin and use Magic Code scanner provided with Magic Password mobile app.


Magic Password App

The app allows you to scan Magic Code and log in securely to your WordPress account. Works on Android and iOS platform.

  • Clear, easy to use, intuitive and powerful
  • Fully supports PIN, Touch ID, Face ID, Fingerprint
  • Log in with smartphone or any mobile device
  • Multiple users can be plugged in one site
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